Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mullainagiri Trek

I had been on a weekend trek to Mullainigiri with a few colleagues from TWI. We had loads of fun on the trek -- exploring caves (with bats in them !!), hitching a ride on the roof of a bus, etc. On the first day, we began the trek at Mullainagiri. It was a relatively short trek and we were at the peak after about two and a half hours of trekking. We enjoyed the breathtaking views from the peak and then began exploring the caves near the peak. We went about 30 ft into these caves and found loads of bats (hanging upside down ofcourse !!) in them. This was our cue to get the hell out of there.
After having lunch at Mullainigiri, we began the second part of the trek to Bababudainagiri. It was pretty good initially, but then we had to walk about 5-6 kms, which was pretty tiring (considering we had climbed Karnataka's highest peak in the morning !!). We then took a jeep back to Mullainagiri. (It was a pretty adventurous ride, with a couple of punctures on the way !!). You can view the snaps here -- 1) My camera , 2) Sumukh's camera

Sunset at Kemmangundi

The next day, we hired a Tata Sumo and went to kalathagiri falls. At first, it was disheartening to see the falls (it was like tap water falling), until we figured out that the actual water fall was further up. The water was freezing cold and there was a natural water slide too. We had a ball of a time going down the slide. After spending a few hours playing in the water we headed down to Kemmangundi. This place is definitely not a trekker's delight, but is a wonderful place to check out the sunset. We then returned to the Chikkamagalur bus stand and boarded the bus back to bangalore.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an exciting place to go for a trek

Anonymous said...

I'm Aashish. i just saw ur notes about kemmangundi. I'm planning to go there this weekend (16th March).could u please tell me how to get to tarikere/kemmangundi from bangalore. Info about places to stay will also be very useful. please mail me at aashish.er@gmail.com
Thanks in advance,
Aashish Sharma, Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

i saw ur comments on ur trip.... i am all excited about the place.... a few friends n i are planning to make a weekend trip next week, but we were'nt sure about the accomodation n mode of travel.... please guide asap....

should we hire our vehicle from here n go or do u think we should take a train and then hire a vehicle there only?

about the accomodation, do u have any places in mind for us to stay? the place should be good and clean. if u do know of places for accomodation, please do write to me asap and let me know...

my mail id: madcap29@hotmail.com

please do reply

thanks and regards


amit said...

dhoond liya mainay

how r u