Thursday, March 17, 2005


Photography is my latest craze. I have developed an interest for digital photography ever since I got my Canon A75 a few months ago. Although, this camera doesn’t have SLR like features, it’s good enough for beginners like me to get started on photography. Once I get really good at the art of photography, I hope to buy the Canon Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) or the Nikon 70D or some other Digital SLR….
I have been playing around with Adobe Photoshop for a couple of weeks now. It’s probably the best piece of software that I’ve ever used. The number of tools available is simply mind-boggling. I have never really used GIMP, but I am told that GIMP supports quite a lot of features that Photoshop currently provides. Guess, I’d be experimenting with GIMP sometime soon.
I have uploaded a few shots that I have taken at . I have also uploaded a few Photoshop effects that I’ve experimented with. Hope to update it as frequently as possible. Feedback/Criticism is welcome.


Anonymous said...

Tried yet? :)

Sandy said...

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Sandy said...

Congrats Shetty!! You are even getting spammed with comments now!! You've truly arrived in blogzone.

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HiPath 3000 said...

I've just bought myself an Olympus e410 digital SLR camera. Any tips for getting the best out of it?