Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Land of the Tiger

This is extremely disturbing news !! (Here's the Hindu and Deccan Herald version of the same story). 352 Tigers fall prey to poachers in the last 5 years! Why are these people killing tigers? Obviously for the money that accompanies a dead tiger. Its skin, teeth and nails fetch a lot of money.
How can we help? Well, sites like the and provide some information on how we can help. The most important thing to do is to stop buying such stuff and look down on people who do buy it (I would say... kill those bastards) .
Someday, I hope I would work like Valmik Thapar and Fateh Singh Rathore and help save the tiger. But until that day, I will have to write code to make a living :-).

PS :- Here's a gruesome video (taken from Anirudh's blog) which shows how animals are stripped of their fur to make fashionable dresses for us. I guess its high time for us to push back and stop supporting trading of fur, leather and other animal body parts.


Anirudh said...

A couple of things - the figure 352 in 5 years is very misleading cos its the number of tiger skins seized. For every skin seized, there are many that got away. So the actualy figure runs into thousands (around 1400 if im not too off the mark). Moreover EVERY tiger fetches around Rs.60 LAKH. Now if thats not a profitable business, i dont know what is. Thats why it is so prevalent. We really have to enforce strict orders to not buy these products while spreading awareness amoung the superstitious sections. This really is an alarming period. It is estimated that if this doesnt stop, the indian tiger may well be extinct by 2020. We have already done it to the indian cheetah, lets not repeat the same mistake.

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