Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When Tigers attack....

Read this article --->

Now check out the video footage of the same incident

The tigress saw the ankush coming, dodged it in mid-leap and took a swipe at Pegu without actually landing on the elephant, which had stepped back,” Menon said.

What now happened was even more amazing. As the tigress landed on the ground Joymala quickly pinned her down with her left fore foot and tried to control it with its trunk. The tigress struggled under this weight for at least half a minute roaring, as other people in the vicinity shouted and fired shots in the air. In this commotion another attempt was made to dart it, but even this shot was off the mark. The tigress finally struggled loose and ran away.

The wonders of wildlife !! Marvelous.

Someday I'll work for the conservation of our wildlife.

Until then, I guess I'll be writing code :-)


Anonymous said...

actually you can do both.
I work as a Java/C++/Ruby/Perl programmer and do volunteer work in wildlife conservation.

no matter where you life there will always be some organisations who will appreciate your help. check out

there you can find organisations of your country.


workhard said...

Hi, the video was not found, as much as i liked the article would love to see the video, do u have another link.