Friday, September 01, 2006

Language Wars

I just finished reading this article on joelonsoftware and it is definitely an interesting read.

"In particular, a debate between the C#/.NET/IIS stack and the Java/J2EE/Apache/Solaris stack and the PHP/Apache/Linux stack could go on and on for years and years and you'd never find the right answer. That's because there are so many pros and cons of all these platforms that advocates of each side can debate and debate and never get any closer to the Truth, but it sure as heck is a fun debate."

Couldn't agree more !! You would come across such a debate in any IT/Software development firm, and quite often you'd be a part of such a debate. And it doesn't stop at programming languages... Developers love to argue over their favorite IDEs (Eclipse/IDEA/VS etc) too.

"Ruby is a beautiful language and I'm sure you can have a lot of fun developing apps it in, and in fact if you want to do something non-mission-critical, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun, but for Serious Business Stuff you really must recognize that there just isn't a lot of experience in the world building big mission critical web systems in Ruby on Rails......"

This part is particularly interesting :-). I dont have enough Ruby or ROR experience to comment here, but I am sure some of my colleagues would be flaming Joel Spolsky about such a remark. Now that would be good fun to watch :-)

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